Heat Treating

We offer specialized metal processing
products and services to industry. Our
Heat Treating department offers a wide range
of heat-treating and surface finishing services for
steels, alloys and other metals.

We offer heat treating, surface coating, metal joining,
thermal treatment, and metallurgical laboratory and transportation
services. The highly skilled staff, combined with modern plant and equipment, assures our customers of the highest standards in the manufacture and heat treatment of their components.

Heat treating PROCESSES

The following list shows some of the many heat treating processes that Heat Treatments specialise in. Click on the links below to find out more about each item.

Heat Treating Fact sheets

These fact sheets highlight various areas of operation within Heat Treatments. They can be downloaded, or read online. If you have any questions about any of these products and services, please call us. We can also supply high quality professionally printed versions.

Heat Treating Technical

Send a question or comment to our highly skilled team in the well equipped heat-treating metallurgical laboratory. We will endeavour to answer all of your questions.

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Turnaround Times

Process Materials Timeframe
Air Hardening D2, 400 Stainless Steel, H13 Allow 2 days
A2, Calmax Allow 3-4 days
2767, A6 Allow 3-4 days
High Speed Steel, CPM Weekends Only (Subject to load size / quantity)
Aluminium Treatment Most Materials Allow 3-4 days
Annealing Solution Annealing (Stainless Steel) Allow 2 days
Tool Steel Annealing Weekends Only
Carbonitriding Most Materials Allow 3 days
Carburising Most Materials Allow 3 days
Cryogenic Tempering Most Materials Phone for details
Induction Hardening Most Materials Allow 2 days
Nitriding Short Run Nitriding Allow 1 day
Long Run Nitriding Allow 2 days
Black Nitriding Weekends Only
Oil Hardening 4130, 4140, 4340 Allow 2-3 days
1050, 1070 Allow 2-3 days
O1 - Gauge Plate Allow 2-3 days
S1, S5 Allow 2-3 days
EN30B, EN45 Allow 2-3 days
Stress Relieving Most Materials Allow 1 day


The Small Print

  1. All turnaround times quoted apply to normal jobbing work only, and the times are determined as 24-hour blocks, from 2pm to 2pm, Mondays to Fridays. These guidelines only apply for work received into our receiving area, and does not include time in transit to and from Heat Treatments.
  2. If any preparation work is required before processing can be undertaken, (e.g. pre-cleaning, annealing, plating-off, centreing pins, etc), the turnaround time may be delayed accordingly.
  3. For work to be processed efficiently, customers' should endeavour to have their work at Heat Treatments premises by 2pm at the latest, or the work may not start to be processed until the following day.
  4. Customers' work should be ready for pick-up after 2pm on the day of completion of processing, or for Auckland deliveries the work can be dispatched on our van the following day.
  5. Turnaround times for larger quantities and/or batch work, and large work pieces, can be provided by arrangement.
  6. On occasions where quicker turnaround times are required please contact us directly to see if this is possible, however, these are handled as exceptions on a case by case basis and a surcharge may apply.
  7. These "turnaround" times are a guide to assist our customers with their planning. They are supplied with our best intentions and a high confidence level of achievement, however, on the rare occasion that we may not meet these guidelines, whatever the circumstances, Heat Treatments Limited will not be held liable for any loss or damages suffered.

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